Night Music For Piano


Latenight Improv Piano To Soothe the Dreaming Brain

On nights when the distractions of the inside pull a blanket over the head of the outside, I’ll sit down at the piano and play for awhile. I don’t know any songs. I just run though scales and patterns. But it’s the best meditation I have for myself, so you might let it take you the same place that it takes me.

Technical Details

How'd You Make This?

I set up a GoPro pointing down at the piano. Plugged the keyboard into a MIDI channel in Logic Pro, got a good set of samples in the bank, put on my headphones, drifted away. Mixing and mastering done mostly with Waves plugins and some 3rd party reverb. Editing done in Adobe Premiere Pro. It was a nice touch that the cat was walking around in the background. Chickpea exploring the silence of the room.

Future Ideas

What's Next?

I like the video filters. In the next video, I’ll ditch the headphones and the glasses. They look weird. I might also wear a hockey mask and a jacket. The outlines might look interesting. I’m going to ask Katie to dance around in the background to the music as well. Visual intrigue and all that.

More Piano Playing