Starting To Tune the New Piano


Time for a New Project

Because I don’t ever finish one thing before starting the next, I adopted a new / old piano and am going to figure out how to de-gut and then re-gut it. I don’t know the names of any of its parts.

Right when I got it, I took a vacuum to it and did some inspecting. Found some $1 coins, old food, bug carcasses, a pen, a toy shoe. Put on a headlamp and tried to get rid of some clicks that were happening from misaligned parts. I used some old dentistry tools I have to help facilitate that.

My dad’s the one who knows how to do this, so he’s stepping me through some of the processes.

Also learned what ‘bridle straps’ were and ordered a few to fix some ripped ones.

Then, I bought a mail-order piano tuning kit and am going to have a go at it.

Let’s rock.

After a first pass –