Mixed Blessings

You can have terrible knowledge of grammar and not know how to spell very well, but still be wise.

You can have perfect grammar and spelling but write aggravating, non-helpful nonsense.

You can use big words, but waste them on infinitesimally bad ideas.

You can use simple words to create fantastic and compelling visions for the future.

You can have the world’s most highly-rated education but fail at connecting with people.

You can have no formal education at all, and still be engaging and progressive.

You can travel the world, but absorb no knowledge that makes you likable or sincere.

You can never leave your hometown, but still be trusted for advice about the world as a whole.


People are throwing around words and phrases like “hypocrisy” and “logical fallacies” without really putting them in context. It doesn’t do much good to make claims and lay blame without pointing in the direction that leads to greater understanding. There are ways to break down sentences into real, concrete statements that provide structure and framework for real, concrete discussions. That’s what semantics are all about.

It’s not about telling people they’re stupid and calling them names. It’s about putting the tools out there for people to find their own way to their own conclusions, which just so happen to be the “right” ones. Maybe they have you to thank for that, but they’ll never know because you were so sneaky about winning the war instead of the battle.