Images are made from decisions

I’ll start with a sketch, or see some colors or textures that I like. And then I take a picture. From there, the tones, pixels, shadows, and lines are fair game. I manipulate it all until something pops out at me and says ‘stop’. It might be a character. Or a scene. Or an action sequence even. I narrow in on what it says, maybe what it means. I finish up the details – and then I’ve got art for you.

Each of my images has a story behind it. You can borrow mine or make your own.

Each image can change, near or far. Something will strike you; then just let it expand.

Some customization is available on nearly all of the digital images. Canvases can reasonably range from 8×8 inches up through 16x20s. Anything in color can convert into black and white. Other requests can be worked with.

You can get ahold of me through the Facebook rxScription Art page, or email me at ryan(at)

Current Pricing

  • 12×12 canvas – $40
  • 16×20 canvas – $60
  • 18×24 canvas – $80
  • 5×7, 8×10 photo prints with frames – $45-$55
  • 8×10 photo prints with mat and backboard – $20

Prints In Public

Currently Printed and Available for Sale


Night Stretches, Flowers, Palmistry

Mr. Featherspoon, I Presume; Hula Hoops; Disco Carrot

Photo Prints

“Thinking and Walking”, “The Frog Brothers’ Last Pontoon Ride”, “Chasing the White Rabbit”

Autumn Leaves Falling

Stories, Collections, Narratives, and Posts